star & micey at black lodge - brister street - hulahoop and tie-dye party







Our Philosophy

We believe you can have a good time while doing something positive.

You have a unique ability to make the world a better place.

Cultivate your gift. Share it with the world.

Create Your Culture.



Our Story

In 2010 a group of friends transformed an abandoned shed into a creative space and music venue on Brister Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

House parties with live bands flourished and eventually blossomed into a music festival, production company, and more. The purpose was to support local music and art, and give back to the community. Our organization has grown organically from the backyard. We are grateful for your support!

Since 2011 we've hosted or co-produced hundreds of events and festivals, almost a dozen music videos, helped raise over $9300 for nonprofit causes and over 1,000 pounds of donated goods for food banks.

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